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Tatsu meeting his mini-me for the first time:


The words out of his mouth were 「可愛いな!ちっちゃい!」 
"How cute! They’re so small!"

And here, Tatsu WITH his mini-me


The two kids had to walk on that concrete wall and Tatsu asked him if it was scary, to which the boy answered that it wasn’t…. but it was when they have to start walking on it. 


The first two shots are from the actual PV.

The middle two shots were from the cameraman’s angle from the making of portion.

The last two shots are also from the making of after the director said cut and someone said that it looked good.

The many many facial expressions of Suzuki Tatsuhisa. All of them deal me some sort of damage one way or another…

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Seirin team + before the game

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When you open your eyes during a prayer…

Vine by Marcus Johns


In case you didn’t see our explanation from the opening of our SDCC panel in video or in person, this io9 article transcribed it. (One minor note is that I said “cable cutters” and not “cable numbers,” but I mumble so no big deal). You can also find this speech in the first 3.5 minutes of the full video of our panel, uploaded by various people on YouTube, if you want to hear me mumble it instead. Thanks again for the continued, amazing support from fans of the show!

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sometimes i see a gifset of a character or a ship that i wanna reblog but then i see that it’s a “make me choose” and that they CHOSE WRONG

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